Airzone Partnership

Learn to Foil and Kitesurf in the UK

With the rise in popularity of Water Sports, more and more people are looking to take part in various activities like Paddle Boarding, Kite Surfing and, more recently Wing Foiling. While Paddle Boarding is very forgiving, easy to practice and be good at without any previous lessons or experience, the same does not apply to Kite Surfing or Wing Foiling. Especially Kite Surfing, which can be very dangerous if one does not know what they’re doing.

For this reason, we have teamed up with Airzone, one of the most experienced and long lasting Kit Surf schools in the UK, offering a variety of courses for people looking to learn the sport in a safe and structured way or even look to turn this into a career with a more proficient IKO Kiteboard instructor course.

Based at Meon Shore in Hill Head between Southampton and Portsmouth, and less than an hour drive from London, Airzone Kitesurfing school is the ideal place for anyone looking to learn Kite Surfing or Wing Foiling in the South Coast of England.

Learn to Kite Surf

Learn to Kite Surf with some of the world's most experienced instructors at an ideal location, with plenty of wind and great water conditions. The courses are tailored to your needs, regardless of your experience or fitness levels, with no more than two students to one instructor at a time, so you’re always guaranteed to get loads of action and focus for a smooth progression. Breakdown of the courses on offer:

Kite Surfing Taster Day - £125
A course focussed on technique and getting as much time on the water as possible, the Taster Day is ideal for those looking to get a proper taste of Kite Surfing and the first step to becoming an independent Kite Boarder.

2 Day Kitesurfing Course - £240
The two-day course covers everything you need to become an independent Kite Surfer, from getting on to the board and shredding, to learning vital self-rescue techniques.

3 Day Kitesurfing Course - £350
This is the ultimate zero to hero course which will guarantee to make you confident in your abilities to Kite Surf anywhere.

To book a course, follow this link!

Learn to Wing Foil

This is a big one, as we believe Foiling and Wing Surfing will be the future of water sports, enabling you to Surf, SUP, Kite, Windsurf or Wing Surf with essentially the same kit. But, as it is the case with kite surfing, this isn’t an activity you can instantly be good at, like you would when Paddle Boarding, unless you have a strong background in sailing and surfing.

So, a lot of people now want to do it, but have no idea where to start. And even if they want to be adventurous and try this on their own, investing in their own kit is very risky without knowing what would suit you, as for learning you would need a large wing setup and a high-volume board, but once proficient you would immediately want to go for something smaller and more agile.

For these reasons, we can’t stress enough how important it is to get a couple of lessons before thinking about getting your own kit and becoming an independent wing surfer.
Airzone Kite School offers a variety of Wing Surfing and Foiling courses with highly experienced instructors and high-quality kit. These cover everything from learning to ride a Wing on SUP to learning to Foil and ultimately to confidently use a Wing on a Foil set up.

Introductory Wing Surf Course with SUP & Wing (2.5 Hours) - £140
Ideal for beginners, this course will teach you how to use a Wing to generate power and get about on the water using a SUP.

Cross Over Introductory SUP Wing Surf Session (2 Hours) - £120
A more straightforward introductory course aimed at those with Windsurfing or Kitesurfing experience who are looking to transition into Wing Surfing.

Wing Foil Lessons / Coaching (2 Hours) - £140
Here is where the fun starts. Once you’ve mastered the basics of the Wing, you can start learning to Foil for the full Wing Surfing experience.

To book a course, follow this link!