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Jobe 5 Year Warranty 09/01/2023
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Jobe 2023 is Here!

The 2023 Product range from Jobe has been released – featuring new models, tons of improvements and redesigns of their most popular models as well a brand new, industry leading 5 Year Warranty across all Jobe Paddle Board Packages! 5 Year Warranty Starting with the 1st of January 2023, all Jobe Paddle Boards come with a 5 year warranty from the moment of purchase. This is available across all 2023 products, as well as the remaining 2022 packages available on the market purchased after the 1st of January 2023. All... Read More


Michael Booth Paddle Clinic – at The SUP Company

We are excited to announce that we will host World SUP Champion, Michael Booth, who will be doing clinics at the SUP Company in Southampton UK on the 27th and 28th of August! Michael Booth; also known as the Aussie SUP Powerhouse is the most dominant figure in the world of SUP Racing, internationally. Having been crowned APP World Tour Distance series champion, 3 x World Distance Race Champion, 3 x Australian Champion and 3 x European Tour Champion, just over the last 4 years, Michael has solidified his place... Read More

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Red Paddle Co 2022 – What’s New?

Red Paddle Co’s highly anticipated 2022 product release is finally here and we’re excited to tell you all about it – from brand new product releases to new features and changes on popular models. Although most of the 2021 Paddle Board designs remain unchanged, there are a lot of new updates to accessories within the packages as well as 2 Brand New Additions to their range of paddle boards. Red Paddle Co 12’0″ Voyager A welcome new addition to Red Paddle Co’s Board range is the 12ft Voyager MSL. Designed... Read More

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Review – Red Paddle Co 10’8 2021

The Red Paddle Co 10ft 8 Ride along with the rest of the ride range has been the core of the Red Paddle Co range for a long time. With thousands of users across the world. The Board – Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride Starting from the nose of the board the width fills out quickly. A key feature in the ride range, creating stability though out the board. Directly at the bow there is a padded fabric carry handle and a 6mm female thread mount, perfect for adding a... Read More


Where to Paddle

Finding a launching spot can be difficult, thats where Paddle Points can help! We all know the struggle to find new paddling spots, Can I park?, Do I need a licence?, Best times? and Suitable for Paddleboarding? Luckily with the use of Paddle Points the information is there. Paddle Points is a central place all paddlers weather thats SUP, Kayak or Canoe can find new locations to go paddling or discover something new in their local area. By simply searching a location Paddle Points will show you all the local... Read More


Can I paddle under the new Restrictions?

As we plunged into a new Government imposed Lockdown for the month of November, the question around whether paddle boarding will be allowed under the new rules has been raised once more. Although uncertain at first, this has been officially confirmed on the 5th of November 2020 by both the British Canoeing Association as well as Sport England. Although some restrictions may still be imposed by local and/or harbor authorities, this is widely allowed throughout most waterways in England. In short, according to Sport England, you are allowed to go... Read More


Red Paddle Co 2021 Product Release

The highly anticipated 2021 product release from Red Paddle Co is finally here! As one of the largest retailers of Stand Up Paddle-boards in Europe, The SUP Company is excited to give you the lowdown on all that is new in the Red Paddle Co product line for 2021. Red Paddle Co 2021 All Round SUPs Offering fantastic versatility and designed for use across a wide range of conditions, Red Paddle Co’s best-selling All Round iSUPs can be enjoyed by all kinds of riders. The shorter models in the range... Read More

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The SUP Company Inflation Challenge

Paddling right now is a bit of no-no, so what better way to pass the time and ensure we stay in peak paddling condition than having a ‘Inflation Race’. We are all on the same ‘board’ and when life gives you lemons, well inflate your paddleboard. Who can enter? Anyone with an inflatable paddle board that fits our classes How do I enter? Submissions are by video only. Just record your attempt and submit it as a comment under the post announcing the competition on The SUP Company Facebook page.... Read More

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COVID-19 Paddling Tips: Practicing Social Distance on the Water

It was only a few weeks ago that you would probably had to use an internet search to find out what ‘social distancing’ is. Now though, we all know. For some time to come this is how we need to be living our day to day lives to ensure that our communities are as safe as possible. However it does not mean that we have to give up everything of what we love. Now more than ever getting outside, enjoying the outdoors and being active will ensure that we come... Read More

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Paddle Board Demo and Test Weekend

We are excited to announce our first SUP Demo Weekend of the year on the 23rd and 24th of May 2020 at our shop and test center in Southampton. We will host two separate events aimed at different needs, discipline and paddler types. Saturday, the 23d of May will feature our Inflatable SUP Day aimed at beginners looking to get their first SUP board or new paddlers looking to upgrade to a longer, faster board. On the day of the event we will feature a large range of all round... Read More

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RYA Dinghy Show – 2020

We are proud to announce that we’ll be exhibiting at this year’s RYA Dinghy Show at Alexandra Palace in London alongside Red Paddle Co and Red Originals. You can find our SUP Company team at Stand B3 where we will be highlight the newest releases from Red Paddle Co, including the revolutionary 11’0 Compact alongside the entire 2020 range of products. If you’re after a new stand up paddleboard, there’s no better time and place to get one. Our team of SUP experts will guide you through all your wants... Read More

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New In: Red Paddle Co 11’0 Compact

The Red Paddle Co 11ft Compact is here! Following the huge success of the ground breaking 9’6” Compact, Red Paddle Co have applied their innovative PACT Technology and created the most portable touring inflatable paddleboard in the world. As a designer and manufacturer of only inflatable SUP’s, Red Paddle Co’s core value is to do so without compromising performance. Waterline length and rigidity is key to performance and overall glide. Red Paddle Co understand this and it is clear to see in the new 11ft Compact with its purposeful touring... Read More

One Ocean Sport SUP 31/01/2020
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New In: One Ocean Sports – SUP

We are thrilled to announce that the One Ocean Sports have joined The SUP Company. Their high-end carbon racing paddle boards make a great addition to our product offering, further solidifying our status as a premium SUP retailer. Their product offering ranges from high end race SUP boards, SUP surf boards as well as their recent line of prone surf and downwind foil boards. Created in the vision of famous Australian water-man and designer, Ben Tardrew, One Ocean Sports brand aims to build the best performing SUP surf and race... Read More

RedOriginalDogPFD 19/11/2019
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New in: Red Original Dog Buoyancy Aid

Keep your buddy safe on the water with the brand new Red Original Dog PFD. Easy to attach and to secure, the PFD doesn’t restrict the dog’s movement at all, making it comfortable to wear. The Jacket is available in 5 different sizes to fit all dogs from small to “boof”. The Buoyancy Aid offers a number of features that help you keep control of your dog both in and out of the water, such as the leash hook and carry straps on top of the jacket that help you... Read More

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Insure your SUP with GJW

We at The SUP Company are proud to announce that have partnered up with GJW Direct to offer customers the opportunity to insure their Stand-Up Paddleboard. GJW, short for Groves, John and Westrup Limited specialize in Marine Insurance with an operational experience of over 175 years. Having offered insurance packages for Boats, Yachts, Motor Cruisers, Speedboats, Houseboats and Jet Skis, they have now opened up their service to the greater world of SUP. GJW Direct offers specialist stand up paddle board insurance for SUP enthusiasts. Their comprehensive policy is competitively... Read More


Black Friday

Our Black Friday event has started and it is our biggest ever Stand Up Paddleboard sale (EVER!) featuring SUP's, paddles, SUP wear and more from Red Paddle Co, Red Originals, Fanatic, Starboard, JP Australia, Jobe, STX, Vaikobi, Mystic, ION and more.

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Red Paddle Co 5 Year Warranty

How does it work? Red Paddle Co will be offering a 5 year warranty for each board bought from the 2020 range onwards. Just like the 2 year warranty offered on 2018 and 2019 boards, they will require the customer to register their warranty with Red Paddle Co via their website within 3 months of purchase to activate the extended warranty.  For the full terms and conditions please visit the Red Paddle Co Warranty Page!

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Red Paddle Co 2020 Product Release

The much anticipated 2020 product release from Red Paddle Co is live! As the biggest Red Paddle Co retailer in Europe we are more than proud to present and review all that’s new in the Red Paddle Co product line. Red Paddle Co 2020 All Round SUPs All round boards offer great versatility, making them ideal for a wide range of conditions and paddler types. As creators of the world’s best-selling SUP, the famed 10’6 Ride, Red Paddle Co put a lot of thought and effort in designing their all-round... Read More

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Red Paddle Co 2019 Sale

While the Summer SUP season has come to a bitter end, that does not mean the time for SUP-ing is over. We at the SUP Company together with all those who share our passion for Stand-Up Paddle boarding know that it does not end here. If anything, it only gets better with loads to still be excited about. The 2019 Autumn season opens up a whole a new playground for passionate paddlers with empty beaches, clear waters and cooler temperatures to complement their paddle routine. As for us, Autumn is... Read More

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Successful Demo Weekend

Do you like to try before you buy? Of course you do, and so do we. Here at The SUP Company we love everything SUP. We’re also well aware of the investment it takes to buy a new board, so we want to make sure you get the one that is just right for you. Especially if you’ve little experience with the sport, making the right choice can be a real headache, especially with so many boards to choose from. So, on the weekend of 6-7 April 2019 we’ve opened... Read More

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Top Tips for Paddling With Kids

Paddling with your children is an incredible experience that allows for quality bonding and introduces them to a world of adventure. Age is not a barrier, as paddling can be enjoyed by kids of all ages and skill levels. It’s a versatile activity that can be adjusted to their pace, ensuring an enjoyable trip for everyone involved. Introducing young children to paddling can be a wonderful opportunity for them to learn essential skills while having fun. While white water courses may be too challenging for toddlers, taking them on a... Read More


The SUP Company X Calshot

The SUP Company Announces New Foiling, Wing and Kite Demo Centre & Retail Destination at Calshot Spit The SUP Company is excited to announce the opening of its second retail store and test centre that will be located at Calshot Spit. The SUP Co X Calshot, as it will be known, will be focused on foiling, wing surfing, and kitesurfing while featuring some paddleboards. This new destination will become the go-to spot for all water sports enthusiasts in the Solent area and those from further afield. Located on the southern... Read More


New In: Axis ARTPRO Wing Range

Axis relentlessly pushes for performance. While they have a massively proficient design team and roster of exceptional team riders, often it is the market itself and demands that can dictate and shape new product development. From the great response to the ART1099 wing, Axis heard from many bigger paddlers weighing over 95kg who were looking for a wing that catered to their specific needs. That’s when Axis embarked on the ARTPRO odyssey with the intention of creating a new range of wings that would surpass all expectations. Axis didn’t settle... Read More

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Pre Season SUP Checklist

While stand up paddleboarding for some is an all year round sport, for many it really takes the weather and water temperature to improve before they consider returning to the water for the new season. This means that it is a great time of the year to check your paddleboard and paddle offer to make sure that everything works as it should. With this in mind, here is a hand checklist for you to use: Check your board for any damage: While you may have stored your board safely either... Read More


New In: Ozone Flux V1 Wing

Ozone break cover with their all new wing, the Ozone Flux V1, at the recent Spring Wingding Regatta held at the Saint Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco. The new Ozone Flux V1 made a dominant outing with Ozone team riders  Johnny Heineken and Ken Adgate finishing first and fourth respectively. In fact Johnny achieved an incredible 14 race wins out of 14 using Ozone’s new Flux V1 wing, which is yet to be released. Ken narrowly missed out on the podium but was also very fast using the Ozone... Read More

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The Brand New Red X Clarks Water Shoe

Introducing the new Red X Clarks Water Shoe, a footwear collaboration designed for water enthusiasts who crave comfort, functionality, and style. These shoes are available in both men’s and women’s sizes, so everyone can enjoy the incredible features of this all-terrain, amphibious trainer. Crafted with a water-friendly, quick-dry, and highly breathable mesh construction, the Red X Clarks Water Shoe is designed to deliver the best possible experience when paddleboarding. Drainage throughout ensures the shoe performs even when wet, while the lightweight and flexible foam won’t weigh you down and provides... Read More


New In: Fanatic Aero Glide Wing!

We are very excited to see Fanatic add the all new Aero Glide range of wings to their already extensive range of foils for wing surfing and windsurfing. Designed by John Brunner of Fanatic Foils, the Aero Glide foil range features a much higher aspect ratio than anything Fanatic have done in the past. Using roughly an aspect ratio of 9.5 across the whole range means the Aero Glide delivers you a lot more glide hence the name. The efficiencies such a high aspect wing is not only realised in... Read More

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Touring Stand Up Paddle Boards

As paddleboarding has grown in popularity, so too has a paddler’s ability and desire to go further, covering more distance and seeking adventure at new locations. It could simply be exploring a new river or coastline or even traveling point to point with overnight stops along the way. Whatever it may be, touring on a stand up paddleboard is growing more and more. While you can look to tour on any paddleboard; covering distance on the most popular segment of paddleboard known as an ‘all rounder’ ranging from 10’4 –... Read More