Can I paddle under the new Restrictions?

As we plunged into a new Government imposed Lockdown for the month of November, the question around whether paddle boarding will be allowed under the new rules has been raised once more.

Although uncertain at first, this has been officially confirmed on the 5th of November 2020 by both the British Canoeing Association as well as Sport England.

Although some restrictions may still be imposed by local and/or harbor authorities, this is widely allowed throughout most waterways in England.

In short, according to Sport England, you are allowed to go out paddle boarding as long as you go:

  • on your own
  • with the people you live with (your household)
  • your support bubble
  • on your own and with one person from another household – this could be a coach for 1:1 coaching

For more information please visit the official announcement by British Canoeing:

Since Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a great, naturally social-distanced form of outdoor recreation, we at The SUP Company will continue to encourage people to head out and paddle within the established guidelines. And, as it is the case with all other water sports and activities undertaken during the colder months, we strongly advise all practitioners to be mindful of the weather conditions and to make sure they are appropriately equipped at all time.

Can I paddle under the new Restrictions?
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Can I paddle under the new Restrictions?

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