Duotone 2024 – Range Overview

Unveiling Duotone’s Revolutionary Wing Foiling Categories: D/LAB, SLS, and Originals

In the fast-paced realm of wingsurfing and foiling, Duotone has emerged as a frontrunner, pushing the envelope of innovation and design. Within this blog post, we’ll take a comprehensive look at Duotone’s three distinct categories for wingsurf and foiling products: D/LAB, SLS, and Originals. Each category is strategically designed to cater to diverse preferences, performance levels, and price points, all while adhering to key performance indicators that ensure an unparalleled wing foiling experience..

D/LAB: Beyond Imagination, True Innovation

At the zenith of Duotone’s wing foiling evolution stands the D/LAB series. This category embodies the highest echelons of performance, pushing the boundaries of imagination and technological advancement. The D/LAB series meets and exceeds the following key performance indicators:
• Highest Performance Available: D/LAB products set a new benchmark in wing foiling, offering an unrivalled level of performance that leaves competitors in the wake.
• Best Light wind / Low Drag Efficiency: The D/LAB series excels in light wind conditions, ensuring minimal drag for effortless gliding across the water.
• Most Direct Response: With unparalleled responsiveness, D/LAB products empower riders with precise control and an immediate connection to their wing.
• Highest Acceleration and Speed: The D/LAB series is engineered for breathtaking acceleration and top speeds, enabling riders to experience the thrill of wing foiling at its zenith.
• Lightest & Most Cutting Edge Materials and Production Techniques: Duotone’s relentless pursuit of innovation is evident in the D/LAB category, featuring the lightest materials and pioneering production methods that define the forefront of wing foiling technology.

Duotone D/Lab products are –

It worth noting that this new generation of Duotone D/LAB products see’s wings that are approx 15% lighter than previous years, while foils are 35% lighter than previous models (from Fanatic known as the Collab Team Edition).

SLS: Take Your Riding to the Next Level – Strong, Light, Superior

Duotone’s SLS category epitomizes Strength, Lightness, and Superior performance, providing riders with an unmatched wing foiling experience. The SLS series fulfils the following key performance indicators:
• Great Ratio of Weight to Strength: SLS products strike the perfect balance between weight and strength, resulting in gear that is both robust and agile.
• Superior Performance: SLS products deliver exceptional performance, enabling riders to push their limits and achieve new heights in wing foiling.
• Crisp and Direct Flex Response: The SLS series offers a flex response that is both crisp and direct, enhancing control and manoeuvrability on the water.
Duotone SLS wingsurfing and foilings products are –

The Duotone SLS line for the most part can be compared to the of the outgoing Fanatic Team Edition boards and Carbon foil masts & fuselages. While all backwards compatible, the Duotone SLS range sees boards reduced in weight by approx. 5% and foils that are 20% lighter (and yet much stiffer and stronger) than previous generations.

Originals: Unleash Your Potential, True Wing Foiling

Duotone’s Originals category underscores inclusivity, solid performance, and proven durability. This category caters to a wide range of wing foiling enthusiasts and addresses the following key performance indicators:
• Solid Performance: Originals products deliver reliable and consistent performance, making them an ideal choice for riders of varying skill levels.
• Versatile and Accessible: The Originals line is designed to be versatile and accessible, providing an entry point for newcomers and a dependable option for experienced riders seeking a well-rounded wing foiling experience.
• Proven Quality and Durability: Duotone’s commitment to quality shines through in the Originals category, offering gear that is built to withstand the rigors of wing foiling and provide lasting enjoyment.
Duotone Originals Wingsurfing and Foiling products are –

While new models, these Duotone products build upon the solid work and foundation of the Fanatic models that go before them. All backwards compatible (key when considering a foil set up), the Duotone Originals wingsurfing and foiling products deliver solid performance with proven quality and performance representative of their price point. The result is a range that remains as versatile as it is accessible.

Duotone’s innovative approach to wing foiling is meticulously reflected in the D/LAB, SLS, and Originals ranges. These categories, each with its unique set of key performance indicators, cater to a diverse spectrum of wing surfers and foilers alike. Whether you’re seeking unparalleled performance, a balanced blend of strength and agility, or a reliable and versatile option, Duotone’s line up is designed to exceed expectations and enhance your wing foiling journey. For more information and to demo the largest range of Duotone wingsurfing and foiling equipment in the UK, make an appointment at our shop and test centre located in Calshot, Southampton, Hampshire.

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