New In: Axis ARTPRO Wing Range

Axis relentlessly pushes for performance. While they have a massively proficient design team and roster of exceptional team riders, often it is the market itself and demands that can dictate and shape new product development. From the great response to the ART1099 wing, Axis heard from many bigger paddlers weighing over 95kg who were looking for a wing that catered to their specific needs. That’s when Axis embarked on the ARTPRO odyssey with the intention of creating a new range of wings that would surpass all expectations.

Axis didn’t settle for simply scaling up their already successful formula – instead, they spent two years developing, iterating and refining the design to create something truly exceptional. The result is the Axis ARTPRO range, with the flagship front foil wing being the ARTPRO 1201. This all new front wing was designed with fast downwinding and larger paddlers in mind, but its capabilities go far beyond that. In fact, Axis team rider Dylan Bez even used it to set a world record during a 3-hour and 6-minute continuous surf pump session, covering a distance of 58km at an average speed of 18km/h without getting wet again!

The Axis ARTPRO 1201 was built to deliver great bottom-end power, endless glide, fast and nimble handling, unparalleled large-span turning and control, and excellent breach control – all crucial features for a foil front wing of this caliber. Axis achieved these goals by using a less complicated shape, with a straighter, more forward medial line for better turning and control, and introducing all-new faster and thinner foil sections. Expect chord values to drop drastically as spans reduce with each member of the Axis ART PRO family being a wing in its own right, delivering amazing performance characteristics that are best suited for experienced riders.

During the development of the Axis ARTPRO range, it became clear early on that performance gains of this new front wing range required a rethinking of the rear stabilizers. This led to the creation of the AXIS Skinny rear wing range, featuring reduced chord rear wings that reduce pressure build-up and provide better balance for the low chord front wings, resulting in additional performance gains, more fluid gliding, and thrilling turns. These new rear stabilisers wing are available in three sizes: 365/55, 362/50, and 360/45, with minimal span changes and drastic chord reduction down to 55, 50, and 45mm.

In summary, Axis’s new ART PRO and Skinny ranges are designed to push the limits of what is possible with a foil, delivering exceptional performance and handling for experienced riders who demand the best. Whether you’re looking to set world records or simply want to push your skills to new heights, the ARTPRO and Skinny wings from AXIS are the perfect tools for the job for experienced riders.

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