New In: Axis Spitfire Wings

Axis Foils Unveils the Spitfire: Redefining the Art of Surf Foiling

Axis has a well earned reputation as a world leader and innovator in all things foiling, so it’s unsurprising to see them introduce their latest foil: the AXIS Spitfire front wing foil. Designed with the passionate surfer in mind, the Spitfire promises to revolutionize the way waves are conquered with its unparalleled performance and unmatched ease of use. While billed as a surf focused wing, we believe there are many parallels with what a surf wants from a front foil wing and those an avid wingsurfer wants.

Everyone knows that waves are unpredictable, and the Axis Spitfire understands that too. Sometimes you crave a burst of speed, while on other occasions, you need to slow down without losing control. It is the versatility of the Spitfire front wing that will see it appeal, particularly in the larger sizes to wingsurfer. The Spitfire allows you to adapt to any condition effortlessly while staying firmly on the foil. With the Axis Spitfire, you can simply forget about the technicalities and immerse yourself in the pure joy of the ride.

Axis’s vision of an effortless turning wing that inspires unwavering confidence while dropping in, accompanied by a gentle and predictable lift onto the foil, is what the Spitfires borne from. This exceptional foil not only handles breaches with grace but encourages you to push the boundaries of what’s possible. No waves or conditions are too challenging when you have the AXIS Spitfire by your side.

The Axis Spitfire can also be pumped effortlessly, enabling you to get back out to the line or simply maintain flight in any lulls.. Its distinctive elliptical outline, straight median line, and absence of aggressive turn down through the tips make the Spitfire instantly recognizable. While he moderate chord lengths, tapering smoothly from the center to the tips, encourage smooth, predictable, yet precise turning. With reduced foil thickness for enhanced top-end speed and greater chords providing easy low-end performance, the Spitfire truly represents the epitome of foil design.

It is worth mentioning that Axis’s development of the new Spitfire drew heavily from the invaluable knowledge gained during the creation of the renowned ARTPRO range of wings. This ensured that the Spitfire inherited the exceptional attributes and characteristics that have made its predecessors so highly regarded among foilers.

Throughout the development process, the Spitfire has been put through its paces. The smaller sizes deliver lightning-fast speeds with explosive turning capabilities, while the larger sizes cater to smaller spots and accommodate larger riders.The Spitfire is a truly versatile front wing that effortlessly excels across a wide range of disciplines, including prone, SUP, winging, wake, downwind, lake, and kite foiling. Simply put, the Spitfire does it all. The Axis Spitfire is available in the following sizes – 780, 840, 900 , 960, 1030 & 1100.

To maximize the performance of the Spitfire, Axis recommends pairing it with their Advance fuselage and either the Progressive or Skinny rear wing ranges. This combination ensures an unmatched synergy that will elevate your foiling experience.

Axis Foils’ Spitfire is a game-changer in the world of surf foiling & wingsurfing, delivering unparalleled performance, effortless turning, and boundless excitement. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice looking to embark on your foiling journey, the AXIS Spitfire is the foil that will transform your riding experience.

For more information on the AXIS Spitfire and Axis Foils’ complete lineup of high-performance foiling equipment, please visit Axis Spitfire or Axis Foils.

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