New In: Fanatic Pocket Edition 10’4

Fanatic – 10’4 Fly Air Pocket

Brand new for 2020, Fanatic have released their very first compact technology SUP in the form of the Fly Air Pocket Edition. Coming in at 10’4 height and a generous 33 inches in width, the Fly Air Pocket makes for an extremely stable SUP to take with you on your next trip or adventure.

With a thickness of 5.5 inches and a volume capacity of 285 litres, the Fanatic Fly Air Pocket is as sturdy and stable as any premium all round SUP on the market. What makes it truly special, is how light it is, weighing only 7.8 kg (board only) and 10kg when packed in with all the necessary accessories and paddle. The board, together with the paddle, pump and accessories pack down to less than half the size of your average Fanatic Fly Air Pure making them extremely easy to transport across busy city centers and remote, difficult to access areas.

The unique light weight, high density drop stitch core together with the generous waterline length offers paddlers of up to 100kg flawless performance in a variety of conditions from flat water paddling to small surf. Another feature that makes the SUP stand out from the rest of the Fanatic range is the quick click-in fin system which helps you get on the water faster than ever before.

The board and bag aren’t the only compact products within the package. The brand new Nano 2 Stage Pump from Fanatic is small and easy to pack thanks to its folding feet and the removable handle extension.

As for performance, we didn’t want to take Fanatic’s word for granted, so we tried it out for ourselves. So when they say it’s light, it doesn’t give justice to how light it actually is, making it extremely easy to carry, not only when in the bag, but also once inflated. On the water the board feels more stable than it should offering great tracking and extremely good turnability.

The full package retails at only £769.000 (£809.00 with the Fanatic Pure Paddle), making it the cheapest premium compact technology board on the market.

Still not convinced? Try it out for yourself, as the Fly Air Pocket is now a permanent member of our demo fleet of boards at our Southampton Test Centre.

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