Red Paddle Co 2021 Product Release

The highly anticipated 2021 product release from Red Paddle Co is finally here!

As one of the largest retailers of Stand Up Paddle-boards in Europe, The SUP Company is excited to give you the lowdown on all that is new in the Red Paddle Co product line for 2021.

Red Paddle Co 2021 All Round SUPs

Offering fantastic versatility and designed for use across a wide range of conditions, Red Paddle Co’s best-selling All Round iSUPs can be enjoyed by all kinds of riders. The shorter models in the range are perfectly suited to surfing, while the longer wider models are aimed at heavier riders and families who will be paddling together on one board.

Red Paddle Co 10’6 Ride and Ride SE – 2021

As the world’s most popular inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard, the 10’6 Ride is the benchmark by which all other all-round stand up paddle boards are measured, as it performs effortlessly on flat water, yet is stable in choppy conditions. Available in either Blue or Purple, this award-winning SUP is without doubt now a mainstay in Stand Up Paddling and deservedly retains its position at the heart of the Red Paddle Co range.  

Red Paddle Co 10’6 Ride – 2021

The Red Paddle Co 10’6 Ride 2021 sees a number of improvements made to this best-selling model. On the deck the most noticeable changes are the increased coverage of the proven Red Paddle Co ‘repeater’ embossed deck pad. By covering more of the deck area, more grip is available to all paddlers of this inflatable. The bungee luggage straps on the Ride range has been completely replaced with all new distinctive colour matched elastic bungees which run width ways across each board. These three straps can each be adjusted with Red Paddle Co one touch system meaning you gear is more secure than ever before. 

Red Paddle Co 10’6 Ride – 2021 – Fins

The underside of the Red Paddle Co 10’6 Ride has also seen change. The most dramatic change is in the fins as they change from a thruster fin configuration to a twin fin set up. The main advantage of this isn’t actually felt on the water but off it as each Red Paddle Co Ride can be rolled easier and smaller when it comes to packing and transport. On the water however, the Red Paddle Co 10’6 Ride still delivers and tracks better than before due to the twin fin pairing being towed in towards the centreline like the fins on the hugely popular Red Paddle Co Compacts. 

For 2021 each Red Paddle Co 10’6 Ride also comes with all new Red Paddle Co Titan II Pump. 

Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride – 2021

Designed with the heavier rider in mind, the 10’8 Ride has a width of 34”, height of 10’8 and a recommended rider weight of up to 120kgs. The 10’8 has plenty of voluyme allowing you to easily take a small passenger on board, whether that’s younger family members or beloved furry friends. It can also be used for SUP fitness and SUP yoga. Last year we saw Red Paddle Co improve the durability of the carry handles and place an additional handle at the nose of the SUP. For 2021, Red Paddle Co have dramatically increased the coverage of the grippy, embossed ‘Red’ repeater deck pad giving everyone on board even more security underfoot. The deck luggage bungees have also been completely replaced with the clean looking one touch bungee straps. The new straps with their generous width mean that gear both small and large is more secure than ever before. 

The underside of the 2021 Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride has also seen arguably the biggest change as it is no longer a thruster fin configuration. Instead Red Paddle Co have opted to follow the success they found on the Red Paddle Co Compact paddleboards with a twin fin set up which is toed in for greater tracking while underway. The biggest advantage of this however is off the water, as now each Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride can be packed away small and rolled tighter, making transport a breeze. 

Every 2021 Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride also comes with the all new Red Paddle Co Titan II pump; the most evolved version of the Red Paddle Co Titan pump ever. 

Red Paddle Co 9’8 Ride – 2021

The 2021 Red Paddle Co 9’8 Ride may be the smallest member of the Ride family, but it is also one of the most versatile inflatable paddle boards in the range. Perfectly suited to riders up to 80kg, this paddle board is designed to work in every condition including cruising in flat water and wave surfing by heavier riders. 

A long-time favourite of ours and the unsung hero in the Red Paddle Co Ride family, the 2021 9’8 Ride is a very versatile and capable inflatable SUP, particularly in the surf. New in 2021 and following the theme in theme Red Paddle Co Ride range, the deck pad has been significantly increased affording every paddler for grip underfoot all the way to the tail which is a feature that is particularly welcome in the surf. 

For 2021 the underside of the Red Paddle Co 9’8 Ride see’s the thruster fin set up changed to a twin fin arrangement which enables this inflatable board to be packed small than ever before. On the water though performance and tracking particularly is improved as the twin fins are pointed inwards towards the centre line of the board, thrusting it forwards on a much straighter trajectory. 

The Red Paddle Co 9’8 Ride for 2021 also features the all new Red Paddle Co Titan II; the all new version of Red Paddle Co’s marketing leading manual pump. 

Red Paddle Co 9’6 Compact – 2021

The 9’6 Compact remains to be the most transportable board in the world. A high-performance board with the ability to pack down to half the size of an average all round SUP, this paddle board has quickly become the ultimate travel accessory. A smaller more portable package demanded a smaller paddle, so Red Paddle Co developed a unique 5-piece Carbon Nylon paddle. We wait with anticipation to discover the further refinements Red Paddle Co has made to this already outstanding board. 

Red Paddle Co 9’4 Snapper – 2021

Back for 2021, the popular 9’4 Snapper is ideal for younger members of the family. Boasting the same sturdy constructions as the rest of its Red Paddle Co family, its 27” width makes it extremely easy to maneuver.

Red Paddle Co 2021 Touring SUPs

Touring SUPs are best suited to experienced riders who are seeking to maximise on speed and performance. Red Paddle Co offer two different ranges of Touring SUPs, the Sport and Voyagers, each designed for specific uses.

Red Paddle Co 11’0 Sport – 2021

The Red Paddle Co 11’0” Sport is back for 2021 and is ideal for paddlers of up to 90kgs who are seeking improved tracking and glide. Best described as a Swiss army knife of an iSUP, this paddle board is highly capable and versatile; allowing riders to paddle small surf and cover distance with ease. 

At 30” inch wide the Red Paddle Co has always offered lighter riders the opportunity to glide more and track better than popular boards like the 10’6 Ride. In 2021 all of these facets are increased as the Red Paddle Co 11 Sport see’s the addition of a hard release on the underside of its tail. This simple bonded strip creates a clean, hard rail edge for the water to smoothly release from the underside of the Sport improving overall acceleration and top speed. 

The 11 Sport has always benefited from being 4’75 inches thick – balancing overall rigidity with giving the paddler a more connected, less corky sensation that comes from thicker paddle boards. Overall stiffness in 2021 is improved further still though with the introduction of new RSS battens which combine to make the 11 Sport 30% stiffer in the centre of the board. 

The 2021 Red Paddle Co 11’0” Sport has also been treated to a large deck pad, Red’s new one touch bungee band system and also includes the all new mighty Red Paddle Co Titan II Pump. 

Red Paddle Co 11’3 Sport and Sport SE – 2021

The 11’3 Sport is the ideal step up from an all-rounder iSUP, this board’s sleek shape cuts cleanly through the water, and the drawn-out nose section enables more glide across the water. Last year we saw improvements made to the carry straps and the introduction of new colourways. 

Red Paddle Co 11’3 Sport SE – 2021

The Red Paddle Co 11’3 Sport looks set to continue its unwavering popularity in 2021. With dynamic improvements to the underside of the board as well as it overall stiffness which will increase performance. Thanks to the additional of a hard rail bonded to the tail of the 11’3” Sport and new RSS Battens, the 2021 Red Paddle Co 11’3 Sport will be even more rewarding to paddle than before. 

Red Paddle Co 11’3 Sport – 2021 – Fin

The deck of the 11’3” Sport in 2021 has also been treated to Red’s all new one touch bungee luggage system to secure all of your gear whether large or small. Also included is the all new and arguably most efficient pump on the market, the Red Paddle Co Titan II manual pump. If getting on the water is a priority, then the Titan 2 is the pump for you. 

Red Paddle Co 12’6 Sport – 2021

The Red 12’6 Sport offers enhanced performance, extra capability and plenty of style. At 12’6” overall length, this paddle board is the longest of the three Sports models meaning it provides the most glide and speed while remaining easy to paddle. 

Often overlooked due to the success of the Red Paddle Co Voyager range, the 2021 Red Paddle Co 12’6 Sport is a big deal in its own right and offers a solution for those wanting an inflatable paddleboard which has a ‘GT’ aspect to its nature. The 12’6 Sport is a hugely capable board and this 2021 iteration is only more so thanks to the new tail release edge and new RSS battens. With a cleaner, smoother, faster water release and a stiffer board – the 12’6 Sport performs be than ever before. 

The deck of the 2021 12’6 Sport has also seen a number of refinements including a larger deck pad as well as Red Paddle Co’s new one touch bungee system. This is inflatable board package also includes the new Red Paddle Co Titan II pump. 

Red Paddle Co 12’6 Voyager – 2021

The 12’6 Voyager is all about exploring. Offering fantastic stability, this paddle board is perfect for riders up to 150kgs who are looking to cover distance with ease. The length of the board makes it very efficient over long distances and enables the rider to carry equipment or accommodate a second rider on-board. 

Red Paddle Co Voyager 2021

The 2021 Red Paddle Co Voyager is a huge step forwards in not only touring inflatable SUPs but also inflatable paddleboard design and technology. Red’s design team have achieved something we thought impossible, a V-hull design created by the internals of the board. Long has been the case that all inflatable boards would have flat bottoms until now; Red Paddle Co have truly broken the mould with the 2021 12’6 Voyager. The board now offers better handling in choppy conditions, better tracking on the flat and more rigidity in the nose of the board. 

Red Paddle Co Voyager 2021

The Red Paddle Co 12’6 Voyager for 2021 also features twin US fin boxes that dramatically improves tracking and also means that when loaded with kit, the entire board can be rest ashore in full confidence that it is will not topple over and cause damage to the fin and fin box.  

Red Paddle Co Voyager 2021 – Fins

In terms of kit storage and securing gear on deck, Red have incorporated their one touch bungee belt system nose and tail on the 2021 12’6 Voyager. The outboard carry handles have also been moved forwards slightly allowing more room for your standing area and your feet no longer constrained as in the previous model. 

The Red Paddle Co 12’6 Voyager for 2021 also features Red Paddle Co’s all new Titan 2 Pump; perfect for getting you on the water sooner. 

Red Paddle Co 13’2 Voyager – 2021

Back for 2021, the 13’2 Voyager offers the ultimate adventure SUP experience since it boasts plenty of space, stability and additional room for equipment. At only 30” wide and with a built-in race fin system to balance out the weight of the equipment, this board glides perfectly over longer distances. 

2021 sees a range of improvements made to the Red Paddle Co 13’2 Voyager, most notable of which is the all new ‘V hull’ design. Every good inflatable paddleboard should be aiming to mimic all of the qualities of a composite paddleboard but the one area that could never be matched was the shaping so often found on the underside on a hard paddleboard. The 2021 13’2 Voyager breaks the mould with its all new V-hull design. The result is improved tracking and better sea keeping.

A further improvement to the board is the addition of a second US fin box. This twin fin set up not only improves stability on and off the water (as the board does not fall over when rested on its fins due to kit being on deck) but also tracking as each of the FCS Touring fins are toed in slightly towards the centreline, ensuring all paddling effort is focussed on paddling forwards. 

On deck, the 2021 13’2 Voyager benefits from Red Paddle Co’s new one touch bungee belt system both fore and aft as well as an extend deck pad. A subtle change to the outboard carry handles in setting them further forwards is also a welcome improvement as you are now able to stand the full width of the board without being restricted by the carry handles. 

Also, every 2021 Red Paddle Co 13’2 Voyager also comes with the all new Red Paddle Co Titan II pump. 

Red Paddle Co 2021 Specialist SUPs

Red Paddle Co 8’10 Whip – 2021

22nd September will see the arrival of the 8’10 Whip 2021. Aside from being super responsive and stable, this board can pack down very well making it the ideal companion for overseas travelling to your favourite surfing destination.  

Red Paddle Co 9’6 Wild – 2021

The 2021 Red Paddle Co Wild is built to be the best white-water inflatable river paddleboard. If you are looking for pure adrenaline and total control when charging down a furious foaming river then the 2021 Red Paddle Co Wild 9’6 is the iSUP for you. Discover all the benefits of this board when it lands on 22nd September.

Red Paddle Co 10’7 Wind – 2021

This all in one Stand Up Paddleboard and Windsurfing board is 10’7 high and 33” wide, making it a very stable all-round SUP. The reinforced mast base insert and the centre fin system allow you to transform the SUP easily into the ultimate light wind windsurfer so you can enjoy more fun adventures in 2021.

Red Paddle Co 10’8 Activ – 2021

The 2021 Red Paddle Co 10’8 Activ is designed from the fins up to be the perfect Yoga partner. A superb all-round paddleboard, the 10’8 Activ is a very stable, buoyant platform for both Yoga and general fitness classes. With its clutter free comfortable deck pad the Red Paddle Co 10’8 Activ will help you get the best out of your next workout.

Red Paddle Co - 2021
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