Red Paddle Co 2022 – What’s New?

Red Paddle Co’s highly anticipated 2022 product release is finally here and we’re excited to tell you all about it – from brand new product releases to new features and changes on popular models. Although most of the 2021 Paddle Board designs remain unchanged, there are a lot of new updates to accessories within the packages as well as 2 Brand New Additions to their range of paddle boards.

Red Paddle Co 12’0″ Voyager

A welcome new addition to Red Paddle Co’s Board range is the 12ft Voyager MSL. Designed with the petite paddler in mind, the 12ft Voyager offers bundles of glide with little compromise on stability. At only 28” in width, this board offers a whopping 285 Liters of volume for you and all the kit you need for a proper paddling adventure.

The 12ft Voyager includes all the features that make the Voyager range such a favourite with experienced paddlers – RSS Battens for the stiffest inflatable construction on the market and the V-Hull system at the nose of the board, helping you paddle for longer with less effort.

New for 2022, the whole Voyager range now includes an extra set of adjustable cargo nets at the back of the board – offering you loads of extra spaces for cargo.

Red Paddle Co 12’0 Compact

Brand New for 2022 is the Red Paddle Co 12ft Compact – an immense addition to the Compact range opening a whole new world of exploration for paddlers of up to 110 kg. The increased length makes this board the ultimate exploring tourer, ideal for traveling overseas and exploring remote areas.

The board features a quad stringer tension system, giving it maximum rigidity. The new split deck pad makes it easier than ever to fold and roll away into a super small package, making it the most portable touring SUP on the market.

Based on the highly popular Voyager range, this board provides a perfect blend of stability, glide, and maneuverability.

It also features ergonomic tubular handles on the sides of the board for ease of transport and an extra set of bungee attachments at the back of the board for extra cargo on your longer trips.

New Paddle Range

For 2022 Red Paddle Co have completely redesigned their paddle range. The Carbon 50 Nylon Paddle is now the Hybrid Tough and the Carbon 100 has been replaced by the Prime Lightweight Paddle. Although the construction remains similar, both paddles now feature a Bungee Connection System, designed to keep the blade and mid-section tethered together for convenience and easy set up as well as brand new Interference Fit Hardware. This means that all paddles are now composed of non-glued component, making them easy to replace and fully recyclable.

A new Leash Connection System keeps the blade and mid-section of your paddle tethered together for extra convenience and an easier setup.

The Top Clamp has also been redesigned with a Anti-Twist System with only one bolt, making it smoother and easier to adjust your paddle.

The new redesign also includes two colourways – Blue and Purple – so that you can match them with your SUP.

New ATB Transformer Board Bag

This is a big one – Red Paddle Co’s biggest innovation for 2022 is highlighted in their new iSUP bag range. Besides the classy redesign, extra interior pockets, redesigned side handles and lockable zippers, the board bag now features a revolutionary “bag-less” carry system.

This is a complete game changer, as you can now detach the straps from the bag and attach them to your SUP – meaning you can leave your bag in your car and head out on your trip with minimal luggage.

The system comes with every iSUP package in the 2022 range and will be available across the UK starting with the 28th of October.

New Features

Compact Split Deck Pad

Now available across the entire Compact range, the split deck pad design allows the board to fold on the hinge making it far easier to pack down and store away with limited creasing involved. It also allows for the water to run off more effectively making it easier to pack your kit away after every session.

Adjustable Cargo System

Updated and redesigned for 2022, all Paddle Boards from the Red Paddle Co range have been fitted with larger, flat, adjustable bungee straps. The new design creates extra tension so you can safely secure all your gear on the board and paddle with confidence all the time.

Raised Rails (Elite Range)

The Elite Range have been upgraded with raised rails, allowing the rider to dig their feet into the rails of the board. This gives them a more grounded stance allowing them to channel more energy into every stroke, making them paddle faster with the same amount of effort.

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