The SUP Company Inflation Challenge

Paddling right now is a bit of no-no, so what better way to pass the time and ensure we stay in peak paddling condition than having a ‘Inflation Race’. We are all on the same ‘board’ and when life gives you lemons, well inflate your paddleboard.

Who can enter?

Anyone with an inflatable paddle board that fits our classes

How do I enter?

Submissions are by video only. Just record your attempt and submit it as a comment under the post announcing the competition on The SUP Company Facebook page. Make sure you show the pressure gauge at the end of your video to demonstrate that you’ve hit the magic 15PSI. When you submit your video make sure you include the class you are entering and the time in your submission as a comment.

Are there classes?

Yes, just like any paddleboard race there are classes. After all, it is a little unfair to pit the huge volume of a 12’6 touring board against that of 10’4 board. While it may not be a perfect match, it is close as we can make it and at the end of the day a bit of fun. All boards must be over 4” inches thick.

All Rounder Class – 10’2 – 10’6 (no junior race boards 😉!)
Midi Touring Class – 10’8 – 11’6
Touring – 11’7 – 12’6
Racing – 12’7 – 14’0
Plus what will be the hugely converted ‘Best dressed’ for all classes:
The special, “Best Dressed” category winner will be selected from all categories, decided through a public vote and announced at the end of the competition on the 22nd of April.

What are the rules?

Simple really… starting with your board completely empty of air, first one to 15PSI, as shown on the pump’s gauge, is the winner.

Is this a one-off?

No, we are having four weeks of week-long rounds ie: week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4. Culminating in a final in week 5 for the winners of the four previous rounds. There will be a winner for every class each week.

What can I win?

The winner of each class every week will win a £30 voucher to spend at Our friends at Red Original are also going to offer all winners a brand new Red Original Travel Cup.

The link for the Video entry is here!

Best of luck!
The SUP Company team

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