Time for a Paddleboard Upgrade?

Paddleboard Uprgrade?

You want more?

More glide? Cover greater distance with greater ease? Something a little racey? Catch more waves? Then it is time for you to this season and makes the most of your time on the water.

Here at The SUP Company, we offer the largest selection of SUP inflatables, composite paddleboards and paddles in the UK… even quite possibly Europe. But better yet we use a huge number of them in our Test Centre and give you the opportunity to try them first hand all year round, seven days a week; so we know what it takes to make your time on the water the most enjoyable it can be. The progression in your own Stand Up Paddle boarding has, no doubt been great and you are now reaching the limits of your current board and paddle. This has left you feeling like you want ‘more’… you now want a fairer exchange for the effort you are putting in when paddling, you want more forward momentum, more of a return, ultimately for the majority of paddlers, everyone wants more glide. Whether you are a racer or simply touring your favourite spot, you want to be as efficient as you can be and a lot of that comes from the board and paddle you are using.

The most popular type of paddleboards, by some way, are termed as all-rounders and generally speaking these tend to be of around 10’5 in length overall and 32” wide. Some of the examples of these would be the Fanatic 10’4 Fly Air or the Red Paddle Co 10’6 Ride or the Starboard 10’5 Wedge – while these are all fantastic boards and do an excellent job, it is worth remembering that every paddleboard has to make compromises to perform in certain conditions and deliver a particular ride, i.e. a long, thin race board is superb in a straight line yet not the greatest in the surf, while a surf orientated paddleboard will be excellent in the surf line up but uninspiring and offer very little glide on flat water.
An all-rounder offers the least compromise in all areas as it can do it all, they just don’t shine brightly in one particular category. This is no bad thing! Here at The SUP Company, we have many, many customers who are thrilled with their all-rounder and use it regularly but there are a growing number of customers who want more.

The majority of Stand Up Paddleboarding takes place on flat water, the ‘more’ paddlers are looking for is glide and lots of it. Glide is directly related to the overall length of the paddleboard used; the longer the board, the more glide you have on offer. So for all this glide… what is the compromise? Well, simply it is maneuverability… a longer board is harder to turn and requires a little more will and technique to swing around. But for the many seeing, as we are not running a slalom course, it is not going to detract from touring our favourite spot but instead enhance our time on the water as tracking also improves with length and we are going to stay straighter and truer on our journey making us even more efficient. As paddleboards grow in length, they also tend to get narrower which generally means less stability. There are boards which buck this trend like the Fanatic Ray Air and Red Paddle Co 12’6 Voyager – both 32” wide but on the whole 12’6 and up to 14’0 foot long boards tend to be 30” and less (at the narrower extremes a lot less – 21”!).  The reason for this reduction in width is two-fold; reduction of the wetted surface area, i.e. less board, less drag and the second moving the paddle nearer the centre line of the board, making each stroke as efficient and as close as possible to the direction we wish to travel in.

So which paddleboard is best for you and your growing needs? After all, you want something which fits you now but that also has enough room for you to grow and develop as you continue on your paddleboarding adventure. That’s where we at The SUP Company come in! We will listen to your requirements and what you are wanting from your next board, then present some options to you and discuss them in detail to help you find what you are looking for. Better yet – why not visit our Test Centre – with over 50 boards, 50 paddles and 30 fins to demo… we have got you covered.

So give our expert team a call on 02380 172 189 or why not drop us an email – we are always happy to help.

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