Turn your SUP into a Wing Board

Broaden your paddleboard horizon’s and explore the world of Wingsurfing and Wing-tro’s

Stand Up Paddleboarding’s explosion in recent years has seen what was a relatively small and steadily growing new way of enjoying time on the water, cross over to the mainstream consciousness. There is no denying that SUP has now established itself as a core pastime for many as a way of getting onto the water for fitness, overall wellbeing, spending time with friends, racing, surfing, white water… the list of diverse uses goes on and on.

One more to add to this range of uses for a paddleboard is wingsurfing. While the ultimate goal for many with a wingsurfer is to use the wind while foiling (flying!) above the water’s surface, there’s an exciting steppingstone that for a growing number of paddleboard owners is redefining paddleboarding experiences. Welcome to the realm of “wing-tros,” and wingsurfing on a paddleboard.

What is Wingsurfing?

Wingsurfing is a blend of windsurfing, kiteboarding, and paddleboarding, creating an accessible way for water users big or small to enjoy their paddleboard in a whole new way. The concept is simple yet ingenious – a wing, resembling a sail, is held in hand, capturing the wind’s energy to propel you forward. As you stand on your paddleboard, the wing transforms into your dynamic sail, guiding you across the water’s surface. The joy of this over wind surfing is that the wings are fully inflatable – some with handles & some with a boom – making them not only easy to transport but also very lightweight and manageable.

The Journey Begins: Introducing the Wing-Tro

The journey into wingsurfing begins with a ‘Wing-tro’. This lesson, offered by RYA Centres such as Calshot Activites Cetnre, allows newcomers to grasp the basics of handling a wing while standing on a paddleboard. The wing becomes an extension of your arms and a direct connection to harness the power of the wing. As you glide over the water, you’ll develop wind awareness and control, enabling you to reach across the wind and make it back to your starting point. The big advantage of a wing over something like a windsurfer is that the wing is completely disconnected from the paddleboard and you are therefore unencumbered by this. You can also depower the wing in an instant while remaining in complete control.

Wingsurfing for Everyone

While for some, using a wing of paddleboard is a stepping stone to foiling, a growing number of stand up paddleboard owners are simply enjoying the fusion of wing and board. The experience is further enhanced by adding appendages like Driftstoppers or Ezy Wings to the underside of your board. These are easily fitted and removed, causing no wear or damage to the paddleboard. These devices however, positively transform a winging experience unlocking a new dimension to paddleboarding, by enabling you, the rider to generate lift and further control over the board, making it easily to maintain a direction and travel upwind.

The Appeal and Opportunities of Wingsurfing

Wingsurfing isn’t just a new watersport; it’s a gateway to exploration and discovery. Its appeal is vast and diverse:

1.     Accessibility: Beginners can start with a wing-tro, gradually building skills and confidence, while seasoned watersports users and paddleboarders find fresh challenges.

2.     Adaptability: Wingsurfing offers a thrilling alternative when wind conditions aren’t conducive to traditional paddleboarding, ensuring you never miss a chance to get out on the water and enjoy your time afloat.

3.     Fitness and Wellness: Wingsurfing engages your entire body, promoting balance, core strength, and mental clarity. It’s a workout for the whole body and requires focus as well as learning a new skill while developing a better understanding of the conditions that affect our time on the water.

Embrace Wingsurfing Today

Adding a wing to your existing paddleboard reshapes how we experience the open water. Whether you’re a paddleboarder seeking a new thrill or a beginner eager to embark on a journey to wingfoiling; wingsurfing is a great way to spread your ‘wings’, try something new, exciting and get on the water when the wind picks up.

If you are considering a wing, then we have a shop and test centre location dedicated to wingsurfing; The SUP Co x Calshot. This is the UK’s largest wing and foil test centre. Tuition and Wing Tro’s are also available onsite at Calshot with Calshot Activities Centre.

For an overview on wingsurfing take a look at here and see just how far you can take a wing.

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