We are often asked what are the differences between boards that share the same length and width. With the release of the all-new Starboard Generation Deluxe at 12'6 x 30" it seems a good time to talk about board dimensions (length and width) against the boards profile (shape).

The Starboard 12'6 x 30" touring Zen and Starboard 12'6 x 30" Generation Deluxe are the same on paper, however they physically are very different. The Generation Deluxe shares a similar board profile to its well-known composite counterpart. A rounded nose with a pronounced rocker which makes the board work in medium waves, upwind and downwind conditions. The extra rocker and reduced volume in the tail lifts the nose and gives added manageability in the waves, we find this makes the board stable yet playful in the tail.


The Starboard 12'6 touring zen has more of a traditional touring shape, being sharp in the nose with little to no rocker which allows you to use the boards full length to maximise efficency. The board width starts to narrow off towards the tail from the standing area. This allows you to keep the paddle close to the board, making you feels more comfortable while also tracking straighter and gliding faster.

 Overall, despite these board sharing the same dimensions in practice they are very different boards to paddle. So how to know what board is for you? Follow the link here to read up on our SUP buying guide or drop us an email and phone call for board advice.