Changing Robe:

A change robes makes for the perfect gift for any outdoor adventurer. From wild swimming to walking the dog a change robe will keep you insulated from the elements. Perfect to slip on if you have just been in the water, helping you to dry off and change underneath. With a waterproof outer shell, they can be doubled up as a raincoat for everyday use.

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If your paddle boarder is already equipped with a change robe, then the Red Original stash bag is the perfect way to store a robe. Keeping it compact and dry for when you need it.

Changing Mats:

Nicely accompanying a change robe, a change mat puts a barrier between you and the cold, wet and dirty ground. This makes changing is the outdoors a stress-free experience. Our changing mats are waterproof and offer a level of insulation, keeping your feet warm. Several change mats also double as a wet bag where you can contain your wet kit after use.

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Neoprene Beanies:

For cold winter paddles a neoprene beanie acts like a wetsuit, trapping heat between your body and the neoprene. A neoprene beanie is designed to get wet and be submerged in water, in contrast to a woolly beanie which is not so effective once wet.

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Just like Neoprene beanies, gloves are an essential bit of kit to extend you time on the water during the winter months. We offer different styles of gloves to best suit what you do, from paddle boarding, kayaking, surfing and more.

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Electric pumps:

Inflating your ISUP to the recommended pressure (15-20PSI) can be hard work by hand. To ensure your board performs at its best, the help of an electric pump can make the process of going for a paddle much easier.

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Roof rack straps and pads are a must if planning to transport your board on the roof of a car. Roof pads help to secure your board to the roof while protecting it. There are two main types of roof pads: aero and round. Aero rack pads are shaped to fit all aero/flat roof rack bars, while round rack pads are suitable narrow and square roof rack bars. Rack pads come in different lengths to accommodate all users. Roofs straps allow you to properly secure a board to the roof and give peace of mind while driving.

Roof rack Straps:

Roof Rack Pads:

Personal Flotation:

For yourself, family and friends, we recommend a personal flotation device (PFD) to be worn while out on the water. We offer different types of PFD, a bouncy aid is designed to keep someone afloat but still allows the wearer full movement while paddling. A waistbelt PFD sits around your waist and conceals a 50 Newton flotation bladder which can be inflated when you need it. The waistbelt will have a gas cylinder which instantly inflates when a cord is pulled. Once used a new gas cylinder can be reinstalled making the belt reusable. We also offer PFDs for our 4 legged friends, the Red Original dog bouncy aid is a great choice.

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Dry Bags:

Whenever out on the water it is important to keep your essentials, like car keys, phones, and spare kit dry. Dry bags come in different sizes to accommodate what you need to take with you, usually from 10litres and up. The most common is a roll top drybag which can be secured on the board under the bungees. Deck drybags are also common and are ideal for day trips where you may take a lunch and a few extra layers with you.

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Deck Bags:

Dry Bags:




Keep your composite board protected from paddle marks by using rail tape. Rail tape is made up of two adhesive strip that is stick to the rails of your board. They need to be posited past where your paddle enters the water, and then taken back towards the tail. We offer different lengths and widths to suit all boards, Including: Race/touring boards, SurfSUP and foil boards.

The ION Blade Edge Protector adds a layer protection to your paddle blade. This helps to avoid dings from accidents on and off the water. The edge protector will also save your board rails from paddle blade scratches.