Starboard Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Construction

Starboard SUP offer the world’s most comprehensive collection of Stand Up Paddleboards that feature an incredible range of shapes in both inflatable and hard shell paddleboards covering every conceivable category of the SUP world. If you’re a newcomer searching for a paddleboard and are interested in the Starboard SUP range then the number of shapes and construction on offer can be a little bewildering. So at The SUP Company we have used our experience to narrow down Starboard SUP's huge selection to the most popular models. If you would like something that you cannot see, then it is always worth sending an email as we have a price match guarantee.


Starboard is at the forefront of inflatable paddle board construction with its highly responsive and stiff designs. This is achieved using innovative technologies such as Woven Drop Stich and Welded Rail Technologies, developed in collaboration with both professional riders and manufacturers. These technologies are incorporated into the inflatable constructions featured in Starboards iSUP range, resulting in paddle boards that offer a similar feel to hard boards and an enhanced performance on the water.


Starboards inflatable paddle board range is broken down into two categories - the Deluxe and the Zen. Read on to learn what makes Starboard SUP inflatable paddleboards so great.


Deluxe Construction 


The Starboard Deluxe construction offer the most advanced build method which features both Fusion Woven Dropstitch and Welded Rail Technology. 




The DELUXE inflatable paddle board construction is a lightweight champion thanks to its new woven dropstitch construction. The top and bottom layers are fused in a single, glueless process resulting in a board that is not only lighter but also stiffer and with a better reflex sensation. This is because the woven fabric uses less material than conventional dropstitches, and stretches less, which allows it to hold more tension and maintain the shape of the board. However, this technology is not available on River board models, which feature Linear double layer technology instead. These models are built for rough conditions with a bombproof double layer skin and extra stiff Linear drop stitch.




Starboard inflatable paddle boards are known for their durability and longevity, thanks to the use of Welded Rail Technology. This technology creates a complete airtight and mechanically bonded seam by welding the rails, eliminating the risk of glue weakening over time. As a result, every Starboard inflatable paddle board is stronger and more durable. 




The Double Chamber is optional on some models of Starboard Deluxe. 

The chamber offers up to 42 litres of safety floatation, even in the smallest boards, and requires only 10 PSI. Starboard pioneered this Double Chamber Construction in the 2010 Ocean Rescue board and it may be required by future coast guard regulations for inflatable board use in open waters. Additionally, our inflatable paddle boards feature an ultra-stiff Double I-Beam Stringer which runs from just behind the standing area to the front. The chamber is placed in the most critical area for flex and reduces deflection by 1.8 cm, making the feeling of paddling with the stiff double I-beam stringer very similar to a hard board. This feature is a must-have for riders over 85 kg.




The Zen Construction offers exceptional value while still providing essential core features. These boards are Starboards leanest and lightest yet, thanks to the use of single-layer Linear Knitted Dropstitch, Welded Rail Technology, and 2000D Galvanized Rails, making them even stronger and stiffer than before. This technology was developed by Starboard in close cooperation with its supplier, and is exclusive to Starboard's use. The tool-less fin system is quick and easy to set up, and now features a long and strong fin box.