At The SUP Company, we ensure our SUP packages are the most complete available and as true to what the manufacturer intended, without substituting parts for cheaper items and trying to charge the same price; we only do great Stand Up Paddleboard's paired with great paddles at the best prices.

The Starboard range has some brilliant boards available, inflatable or hardboard; from their premium inflatable construction – Astro Zen -  to the stonkingly fast All Star series, they cater to everyone from SUP beginners to the top racers in the world. As such, they are one of the world’s leading SUP brands, and we are pleased to stock an incredible Starboard range at the SUP Company. Their paddles are similarly excellent, which can be upgraded in your SUP package to suit your paddling needs.

Read on to find out which of the paddles matches your requirements. If you still have questions then email or call us on 02380 172189 - we pride ourselves on helping customers find the right paddleboard and paddle.