Start your Wing Foiling Tuition - from Zero to Hero

With the addition of Wing Surf Lessons and Wing Foiling Courses at our partners from the Calshot Activities Centre we can now offer you the complete journey - from completely inexperienced to a fully independent Wing Foiler in under 24 hours!

From your first time using a Wingsurfing, to your first time up on a Foil with a wing - Demo'ing between different wingsurfing kit - and finally going home with your own foil, wingboard and wingsurfer - all from the same place, within a matter of days!

Step 1: Book a Lesson with the Calshot Activity Centre

Brand New for 2023 - our friends at Calshot Activities Centre are now offering a range of RYA accredited wing courses for those looking to learn how to Wingsurf and Wing Foil. Each course is approximately 3 hours long and you need to be at least 16 years old to attend.

No prior experience is required to join the "Learn to Wingsurf" course - which will offer you the basis of Wingsurfing - once you've learned the basics you will get the chance to improve your technique and master all the moves with the "Improve your Wingsurfing" course.

Once you've mastered the wing, you'll be ready to take on a Foil with a wing - you'll start with the "RYA First Flights" and finish off with the "RYA Sustained Flights" course which will set you up with all the skill you need to Wingfoiling on your own!

If you plan to book a course with the Calshot Activities Centre - Contact us for an exclusive Partner Discount!

Step 2: Book a Demo with The SUP Co X Calshot

Once you're confident in your abilities to Wing Foil - you'd want to start looking at getting your own kit - which, unlike most other sports is not as straightforward as it may seem. Why? Simply because of all the different components in your kit - from the size of the Wingboard to the Shape and Size of your Foil Wings, to that of your Mast, your Fuselage and even your Wing itself.

These also depend on a set of different factors and variables, from your size, your experience level, the conditions you'll be mainly Winging in and so on... so, to get it right, you'll need to Demo some kit first.

Our Calshot Wing and Foil Test Centre, The SUP Co x Calshot, is arguably the largest of its kind in the whole of the UK - offering an enormous amount of kit to Demo from the best brands around - from Fanatic, Duotone and Starboard to Axis, Eleveight and Sabfoil. We're open 10:00 - 18:00 from Wednesday to Sunday and are your best bet at finding the most suitable Wing Foil kit for you and your needs!

For more information about our Demos and to Book your slot - visit this link!

Step 3: Buy your Kit

Once you've finished your Demo and have found the perfect kit for you - it's time to commit. We offer tons of pre-built packages at special prices as well as giving you the chance to put together your own package from all the different bits and sizes we offer.

On top we'll put the demo fee towards the purchase of your kit - so you essentially demo for free!