Visit The SUP Company


Our store and demo centre are currently closed. The building is undergoing repairs scheduled until the end of November. If you have any questions about our products and/or availability please Contact Us!

Due to the current pandemic, affecting us all,  we've had to keep our business exclusively online. However, since the lock-down rules have eased we've worked hard behind the scenes to safely open our shop again to the world.

We're also happy to share with you our new and improved shop. One of the reasons for our delayed re-opening has been the extension of our shop which now features an improved kite and foil display as well as a stylish wet suit display featuring the latest product range from ION, Mystic and O'Neill.

However, visiting our store will only be possible on an appointment basis, as we want to keep our customers as well as our staff members as safe and far from risk as possible.

Bookings will formally be offered on a 30 minute basis, Monday to Saturday from 09:15 - 16:15 and Sunday from 10:15 to 15:15. Each slot allows up to 1 booking at a time so the store will never be crowded and no-one will ever have to wait around to be served.

So if you're after a new wet-suit, paddle board, kite, foil or just some advice, be sure to book an appointment and visit us today!

Booking a Demo

Since our store is open for business, so is our demo centre. Simply check out the range of boards we have available for demo below, on our demo centre page, or give us a call and inquire about availability. Once this has been confirmed, please check the tide times and book a slot with us, same way you would book a store appointment.

Important: Since demo's are generally due to last over half an hour we will need to block out another booking slot for you to avoid overlapping. So when booking a demo, please mention this in the information section of the booking system alongside the model/models you are looking to demo.

Models available to try (for the time being):


Jobe 10'6 Yarra - 2021

Jobe 11'6 Duna - 2021

Jobe 12'6 Neva - 2021

Fanatic 9'8 Diamond - 2021

Fanatic 10'4 Fly Air Pure - 2021

Fanatic 10'4 Fly Air Premium - 2021

Fanatic 10'8 Fly Air Premium - 2021

Fanatic 11'6 Pocket Edition - 2021

Fanatic 12'6 Ray Air Premium - 2021

Fanatic 13'6 Ray Air Premium - 2021

Composite Boards

One Edge Pro Carbon 14'0 x 25.5 - 2020

One Edge 2.0 Hybrid 14'0 x 25 - 2020

One EVO Hybrid 14'0 x 24 - 2020

Fanatic Ray Pure LTD 12'6 - 2021

SIC RS 14'0 x 24.5 - 2020

SIC RS 14'0 x 26 - 2020


If you have any questions about making a booking, availability or simply after some advice, please get in touch with us!