During the winter months of the year, we may use our paddle boards less frequently or you may just pack your board up until the summer season. The SUP Co has a few tips to make sure when opening your inflatable board package after a winters storage it is still in working condition. It is worth taking a few minutes to ensure your boards longevity.

Store your board inside

Avoid keeping your board out in the elements. Prolonged exposure to the sun will cased UV damage along with other wear and tear. The cold can cause accessories like the leash to go brittle. When not in use keep your ISUP in the board bag and inside, however also avoid any extreme heat or temperature swings.

Clean your board

Before storing your board for any length of time it is best to give it a thorough clean with fresh water, removing dirt and salt. Metal components in particular need a good wash. This includes any D-rings, the paddle and board bag zips. Allow everything to fully dry before storing for any length of time.

Store in a dry, clean place

Keep your board package dry while not in use. If the board bag gets damp this can cause it to go mouldy. Keep your board in a spot free of dirt and avoid stacking anything on top which may cause damage.